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Climbing and cycling goals

We talk about lockdown planning for physical fitness goals in outdoor rock climbing and road cycling. New bike!

Restructuring personal finances for a recession

We tackle the uncomfortable topic of paying off debt, simplifying expenses, and balancing the in/out or at least making it more manageable.

Consumption vs Creation

We talk about limiting content consumption by looking at a ratio of consumption to creation

All around updates, goals, pricing and shifting products

Lengthly update on what's happened in the last 2 months, during corona virus.

Post SIP, post corona and a 2 month break

We check-in after a unplanned, forced break in March April 2020 due to shelter-in-place and corona.

Back from Snow Camp, DevOps Ramblings and a Bad Cold

We talk about basic DevOps on AWS, post Snow Camp and I've got a bad cold.

Pricing, Marketing for downpayment.gift and other updates

We talk pricing, product and marketing strategies for downpayment.gift and other update

Imposter in Content

We talk about Imposter Syndrome in Content Creation

Learning to Code, err.. Relearning

We talk about learning to code online. O'Reilly, Treehouse and such. Relearning to code.

Constraints are good, Reporting...

Constraints for solo founders and good. We talk about reporting to "stakeholders" to create constraints and that habit.

Re-explaining what I'm working on

We dive back into what I'm working on, hopefully answering questions and clearing confusion

Introduction to MilePosts Podcast

A short intro to MilePosts Podcast, a software startup story told in real time updates and retrospective episode.

Talking 90 day goals, extemporaneously

We review the 90 day goals at the start of February 2020, with some rambling to get there.

Here's the Back Story

I tell some back story and set the stage for how I got going in 2016.

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