Climbing and cycling goals

We talk about lockdown planning for physical fitness goals in outdoor rock climbing and road cycling. New bike!

mileposts podcast - episode 14 - climbing and cycling goals

What's up guys? Hey, it's Loren with another episode of the milepost podcast, and this is episode 14. and I'm going to talk a little bit about my goals for the rest of the year with respect to physical fitness, the one thing this quarantine thing has not done for me good for me is, Is a food consumption, weight gain, and so forth. I'll be perfectly honest. probably eaten more at home than I have in my entire life. I joked with my wife and my dad the other day on the phone. My wife has cooked more in the last two months cumulatively than in the last 15 years of marriage.  Not sure exactly.

[00:00:41]how long this is going to last. It's great. It's fine. you know, two years, two and a half years ago, or almost two and a half years ago, I stopped drinking alcohol and went on kind of a keto oriented diet, although I'm not super organized and strict on that. It was really just trying to cut out carbs.

[00:01:02] I dropped 30 pounds real quick in 2018 when I did that. And then I don't eat a lot of carbs now, but I'm not as, I'll call it,  religious about how much protein I'm consuming. And it's certainly not conducive that the market or, you know, the. Coronavirus type of, panic that's going on out there.

[00:01:24] It's just hard not to sort of eat your way through it to some extent when, when, things are there. So my, my sin is, if you stick a bag of almonds in front of me, I'll eat the whole damn thing in one sitting. And so I'm like a squirrel looking for a nut.  I now, gauge my,  nut  intake based on just not having it around the house anymore.

[00:01:45] So, anyway, so doing, doing good on that anyway, not super concerned health wise, but,  it's something that I need to certainly improve on. So, two things, I've been obsessed with, Initially it was obsessed with climbing and rock climbing, getting into rock climbing. So in, October and November, I took a safety climbing course put on by, one of the adult leaders in our boy scout troop and got level two certified for, climbing director.

[00:02:19]Which is not a more impressive than level one. It's basically the entry level, training made a ton of mistakes, learned a lot. I used to be a member of a rock gym when I lived in  Portland, Oregon. So, you know, I've got old shoes, I've got chalk bags and harnesses and stuff like that, but it started peaking my interest at the tail end of this, when this wrapped up November, December, and spending some time.

[00:02:43] At Cragmount in Berkeley, which is a park in, in the city of Berkeley. And on some rock climbing we did at the coast, in the Oregon coast out by Jenner. I kind of, you know, I want to get back into this, this interesting. it's a lot more approachable. to do outdoor rock climbing. Not like big wall climbing.

[00:03:02] I'm just talking like basic small stuff, you know, just fun. Good upper body great for, overall stamina and not a huge cardio type of. Thing. It's more problem solving and, and strength and endurance. so I've been obsessed with rock climbing and, and, the, I talked about personal finances in the past episode.

[00:03:26] Well, when. A coronavirus fit and all the online retailers said, here, take 30 or 40% off everything. I'm like, I'll take 40% off some of these rock climbing gear that never goes on sale. So I bought a, you know, a couple ropes, static rope,  more carabiners and quick draws than I know what to do with.

[00:03:50] So I'll be attacking the sport, climbing, world first, and then potentially the, some entry level trad stuff. But I did not spend, you can spend a fortune on trad gear and all these, safety gear of  for non bolt climbing. So just sport climbing is when you have bolts in there to clip into with your quick draws and your carabiners and so forth.

[00:04:10] A trad is when you don't expect things to be there, but a crack in the wall. so. That's a ways down the road, but I need to find a partner to climb with. I, there's one gym in Santa Rosa. I don't know if I'm going to be able to do a gym. I mean, I think it's like 70 or 80 bucks a month too. It's kind of pricey.

[00:04:31] And how likely am I to get up there? A once a week. Reasonable. So I just want to try to climb once a month, once a month, outdoors and new, find a partner to do it. I'm excited. I've got a bunch of gear. I got to stop buying gear. I'm done no more gear. Got lots of cool stuff though. I'm just to put it to use now.

[00:04:52] Hopefully I didn't buy, into a hobby that I ended up having time for. So hobby or sport, if you will. So anyway, excited about climbing. So, of course I'm a huge road cycling nut as well. And. I w I've been into road cycling since I was a kid. Before I had my driver's license, I used to ride my steel Schwinn traveler all around central Illinois.

[00:05:19] You know, did some metrics, centuries and century rides and so forth. So going back to the eighties, I've been a huge fan, where I sit recording this, I can look over and there's a huge banner of Greg Lemond, hanging on the wall. So I'm a big, big fan, but I have not written at all, literally at all since October, 2018 I kind of.

[00:05:41] Broke myself and my bicycle a little bit in riding the Levi's Gran Fondo. It's 116 mile ride, early October, 2018. I just kinda hung up the bike and stopped, riding and, Used to be a pretty obsessed with it  so the last two years haven't spent any time on the bike, except maybe cruising around with the kids on a cruiser bike, flat bar bike or something.

[00:06:05] So I got a new bike, a when sportsbasement said everything's 30% off, including bikes. I'm like, what? You're going to sell me this already sale bike for another 30% off. that's like half price. so I have a Cannondale, I think it's a synapse, which is a more comfort bike with a lower gear ratio, for climbing, which is what I was lacking.

[00:06:29] I had a racing double and one and a compact double on the other, and I was dying on my two existing road bikes from my younger years. So a new carbon frame. It's got this disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes for a road bike. What, you know, it's just crazy, but super cheap bike, but it's a little more than entry-level, so I'm very excited.

[00:06:52] So, that which cannot be measured cannot be managed. So I'm hoping to join Strava. I don't know if I have to pay for it or if they have a free app or not. The trouble with riding Strava in Northern California in Sonoma County is that there are actual crazy people on there, like real hardcore. Like actual pro cyclists using that app.

[00:07:17] And so you can see where you, where do you stack up on pine flat road against, European pros and so forth. So it's,  an interesting thing, but I'm looking forward to getting on there just to, to measure my progress and start carrying a phone around with me and GPS. And, that's something that I never really embraced in recent years.

[00:07:37] And, changed a lot since the old cycle computers that you just have magnet on the wheel. And, garmin started coming out with GPS cycle fitness specific stuff 15 years ago. And it was just 2-300, $400 computers just didn't make a lot of sense, but using your phone makes a lot of sense, even if you're not looking at it just to see, just to keep track of things in aggregate.

[00:08:02]so yeah, I need to, get the pedals on there and get the saddle sorted and actually get out there on the road and do some stuff, and make it happen. So, yeah. All right. Thanks for tuning in to this episode of the mileposts podcasts, and I will see you soon.

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