Introduction to MilePosts Podcast

A short intro to MilePosts Podcast, a software startup story told in real time updates and retrospective episode.

 Loren Winzeler: [00:00:00] welcome to mileposts. I'm your host Loren Winzeler and a mile post. You get to follow my journey from. A debt to a substantial business. See if that kind of jokingly, it's always zero to one or something like that. You hear all the victories of mistakes I've made over the past four years and what I'm doing to remedy the problems in my business.

[00:00:22]This is not a promotional podcast you're not going to want to be like me, but you're going to want to learn from my mistakes.  there are lots of the follow 

[00:00:30] our journey or behind the scenes podcasts out there, especially in the SAS world for the past few years. So it'll be somewhat of that,  I'll be updating you weekly or biweekly on my business, but it also be highlighting my current and past failures of which there have been many, too many bootstrapping or sass startup podcasts tend to glorify the process, focus on the outcome.  

[00:00:53] Often starting when the businesses are ready, a success, when they've got some breathing room in the 

[00:01:00] business, revenue coming in and things are working, or the starting to work. I'll be starting from zero. Actually, I'll be starting from negative.  I'm kind of severely in the whole, as I talk to you, permitting,  expenses and spending over the last four years to creep up, especially over the last two years without progress substantially on revenue.

[00:01:21] getting too spread thin is kind of a theme for the last few years. More on that in future episodes. 

[00:01:30] So what do I get from hosting the mileposts podcast? Well, hopefully it's dialogue, feedback, criticism, accountability.  hopefully with this audio journey, with this update, these episodes and retrospective episodes, I'll be able to move quicker towards my goals.

[00:01:47] As a listener, hopefully you'll benefit from my story. There won't be interviews at this time. There is no cohost to have a conversation with, so it might get boring, but hopefully it will be different. [00:02:00] So thanks. Thanks for listening. Share the podcast and you can find me at   thanks.

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